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Pépiniéres of Aquitaine:


Brittany seedbeds : marketing variètés fruitieres local and old

Seedbeds of the Center-Valley-of-Loire

Seedbeds of the champagne-Ardennes:

Corsican seedbeds:

Seedbeds of Riviera:

Seedbeds Jean Rey, specialist in the plants méditeranéenes of which olive-trees

Nursery gardeners of Languedoc Roussillon:

Seedbeds of the Limousin:

Seedbeds of Lorraine:

Seedbeds of the midday-Pyrenees:


Normandy seedbeds

Seedbeds of the country-of-the-Loire:

Seedbeds of Poitou-Charente:

Seedbeds of Provence:

Pépinieres of the Rhone-Alps:


Agricultural Expert:



And for those which love the pinks: seedbeds of rose tree and Irises: seedbed of Iris , Peonies, seeds and vegetables old or want to be equipped with furniture of garden